Experience utter relaxation and Rejuvenation

What is Vibra-Acoustic therapy?

As nourishing our physical bodies with nutrients, resonant frequencies can also benefit our bodies. Sound waves and vibration emitted from vibra-acoustic devices exhibits a positive impact on brain waves, heart rate variability, and reduces cortisol levels by upto 40% and increasing endorphin levels thus promoting the bodies innate ability to restore and rejuvenate. Some of the well known benefits are:

Sleep Improvement

Sound and vibration alters brainwave patterns, promoting deeper, more restful sleep and improving overall sleep quality.

Utter Relaxation

Combination of sound and vibration has been shown to reduce stress and anxiety levels, creating a calming and relaxing environment.

Elevated Performance

Synchronous combination of sound and vibration has been demonstrated to have a calming and relaxing impact, leading to improved cognitive function and productivity.

Better Wellbeing

Vibrations resonate with the cells and tissues of the body to put them in their natural harmony.




Tune into Natural Perfection

The Sound-Bed offers a novel and revitalizing approach to relaxation through the integration of physical stimulation in the form of vibration. Its innovative design, which utilizes Pulse-Electro-Magnetic-Frequencies (PEMF), generates sonic waves that traverse the body and evoke restful, rejuvenating and calming effects.



Resonance from within

Sound-Cubes are designed to transmit high-quality stereo vibrations and audio into various material surfaces, transforming a bed or massage table into a vibra-acoustic instrument. Enjoy binaural audio as harmonic stereo vibrations and waves with Sound-Cubes, enhancing your audio experience and tuning your body to its natural harmony.



Sonic Bliss Awaits

Elevate your vibrational music experience with the vibrasonix app offering science-based musical content with over 100 hours of transformative sound experiences in a variety of frequencies. Perfectly complementing Vibroacoustic devices, the app delivers the ideal vibrations to enhance your audio experience.

Hi, I’m Mathias Palmsteiner.

Born 1979 in Austria I studied technical engineering and design but traveled in my early twenties to the foot of the Himalaya to become an expert in sound healing and yogic alchemy. After two decades of dedicated study and research I’m now offering practical tools and knowledge to enhance global human consciousness through the integration of ancient wisdom and modern science. Vibrasonix, under my leadership, creates multifunctional devices that uses encoded sound-waves and vibration for a non-invasive body stimulation to improve well-being, health, and mindfulness. With a focus on raising self awareness, Vibrasonix instruments deliver effective solutions in the field of vibroacoustic therapy.

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